Medical Illustrations

Neck Anatomy (Labeled)

Dermatomes T10-S5 (Labeled)

Cutaneous Nerves of Head and Neck - Lateral (Labeled)

Lymph Nodes of Head and Neck (Labeled)

Suprasegmental Motor Pathways (Labeled)

Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous System - Schematic Diagram (Labeled)

Dermatomes C2-T1 (Labeled)

Male Uro-genital System (Labeled)

Testicle and Spermatic Cord (Labeled)

Fascia and Structures of Spermatic Cord (Labeled)

Hemi-pelvis and Pelvic Ligaments (Labeled)

Coronary Arteries (Labeled)

Mediastinum - Circulatory System (Labeled)

Skull - Lateral (Labeled)

Mandible - Inner and Outer Surfaces (Labeled)

Pupillary Light Reflex (Labeled)

Eyeball (Labeled)

Hypothalamus and Relationship to Posterior Pituitary (Labeled)

Anatomy of the Parotid Region (Labeled)

Breast - Lymphatic System (Labeled)

Vulva (Labeled)

Voluntary and Reflex Bowel Control - Sensory and Motor Pathways (Labeled)

Circle of Willis - Isolated (Labeled)

Embryonic Development of Brain and Ventricular System (Labeled)

Epidural Hematoma (Labeled)

Potential Dural Spaces (Labeled)

Structure and Distribution of Taste Buds on Tongue (Labeled)

Brachial Plexus - Anterior (Labeled)

Arm and Hand - Motor Nerves (Labeled)

Dural Venous Sinuses and Veins of Head and Neck (Labeled)

Right Atrium - Open (Labeled)

Heart (Labeled)

Lymph Nodes of Head and Neck (Labeled)

Nodal Groups Draining the Stomach (Labeled)

Facial Nerve Schema (Labeled)

Vagus Nerve Schema (Labeled)

Pupil Disorders (Labeled)

Visual Pathways (Labeled)

Anterior Triangle of Neck (Labeled)

Male Reproductive System (Labeled)

Nasopharyngeal Arteries (Labeled)

Lymph Nodes of Breast and Axilla (Labeled)

Thoracic Lymph Nodes (Labeled)

Breast - Cross Section (Labeled)

Reflex Urinary Bladder Control Showing Sensory and Motor Fibers (Labeled)

Visual Pathways (Labeled)

Circle of Willis - Inferior (Labeled)

Third Ventricle and Related Structures (Labeled)

Renal System (Labeled)

Ribs (Labeled)

Ribcage (Labeled)

Muscularis Externa Tissue (Labeled)

Gallbladder, Bile Ducts, and Adjacent Structures (Labeled)

Femoral Lymph Nodes (Labeled)

Lymph Nodes of Breast and Axilla (Labeled)

Female Urogenital System (Labeled)

Lower Leg - Motor Nerves (Labeled)

Chemosensitive Respiratory Control (Labeled)

Nerves Adjacent to Site of Carotid Endarterectomy - Hypoglossal Nerve, Ansa Cervicalis, Vagus Nerve (Labeled)

Motor Cortex and Neural Pathways to Arm Area (Labeled)

Increased Intracranial Pressure - Midsagittal (Labeled)

Withdrawal Reflex to Pain with Crossed Extension Reflex (Labeled)

Stretch Reflex (Labeled)

Anterolateral and Dorsal Column Systems (Labeled)

Ventral Surface of the Brain with Cranial Nerves - Basal (Labeled)

Sensory Cortex, Visual Cortex, Auditory Cortex and Motor Cortex - Lateral (Labeled)

Brainstem Control of Heart Rate (Labeled)

Visceral Pain and Somatic Pain Pathways (Labeled)

Testis (Labeled)

Male Urogenital System (Labeled)

LeVeen Shunt (Labeled)

Lymph Nodes of the Bronchi (Labeled)

Closed Loop Obstruction of Colon (Labeled)

Brain Injuries and Routes of Cerebral Infection (Labeled)

Axonotmesis (Labeled)

Neurapraxia (Labeled)

Ventral Surface of Brain (Labeled)


Vagus Nerve Distribution (Labeled)

Cerebral Ventricles and Basal Ganglia (Labeled)

Distribution of Phrenic Nerve (Labeled)

Circulation of Cerebral Spinal Fluid (Labeled)

Contents of Cavernous Sinus (Labeled)

Spinabifida - Dysraphic States (Labeled)

Nerves Adjacent to Site of Carotid Endarterectomy (Labeled)

Relief of Obstructed Airway (Labeled)

Neuroendocrine System (Labeled)

Prostate Gland and Ejaculatory Ducts (Labeled)

Clavicular and Brachial Veins (Labeled)

Blood Pressure Cuff (Labeled)

Incisions for Exposure of the Heart (Labeled)

Mediastinum (Labeled)

Puestow Procedure (Labeled)

Gastric Lymph Nodes (Labeled)

Circulation of Cerebral Spinal Fluid (Labeled)

Dural Sinuses (Labeled)

Ulnar Nerve - Sensory and Motor (Labeled)

Chin Lift and Jaw Thrust (Labeled)

Pharynx (Labeled)

Blood Clotting (Labeled)

Trauma to Pancreas from Steering Wheel Impact (Labeled)

Trauma to Pancreas from Steering Wheel Impact 2 (Labeled)

Fistula Track from Coils of Ileum due to Knife Wound (Labeled)

Cerebral Cortex and Rhombencephalon - Lateral (Labeled)

Esophagus, Heart and Thoracic Aorta (Labeled)