EFMB Packing List

Required equipment.

Item Worn Quantity Item Carried Quantity Placed in Rucksack Quantity
Battle Dress Uniform 1 set        
Boots, Combat 1 pair
Helmet, Ballistic with Cover 1        
Socks 1 pair        
Tags, Identification 1 set        
T-shirt, Brown 1
Underwear 1 pair
Watch 1
Belt, Individual 1
    Canteen Water Plastic 2    
    Card, Identification 1    
Case, First Aid 1
    Case, Small Arms 2    
    Compass, Lensatic 1    
Cover, Canteen 2
    Cup, Canteen Water 2    
    Flashlight with Red and Green or Blue Lens 1    
    Kit, M291 Skin Decon 2 kits    
    Mask, Protective with Carrier 1    
    M16/M4-Series Rifle with Sling, 1    
Magazine 2
Blank Adapter 1
Notepad 1
Paper, M8 1 bk
Pen 1
    Pencil, Mechanical 1    
    Rucksack with Frame 1    
    Stick, Camouflage or Equivalent 1    
    Suspenders, Individual Equipment 1    
        Bag, Waterproof 1
Boots, Combat 1 pair
        Gloves, NBC Rubber 1 pair

Jacket, Chemical Protective

        Light stick, Chemical (Green or Yellow) 1
        Liner, NBC Gloves 1 pair
        Overshoes, Rubber 1 pair

Parka, Wet Weather

Poncho 1
Protractor 1
Socks 1 pair
        Trousers, Chemical Protective 1
        Trousers, Wet Weather 1
T-Shirt, Brown 1


1 pair
        Uniform, Battle Dress 1 set

NOTE 1: The terms rucksack, light fighter pack, and ALICE pack may be used interchangeably. Current issued Table of Allowance-50 may be used in lieu of rucksack and LCE.

NOTE 2: The protective mask, with carrier, and load-bearing vest/equipment are carried on the person as outlined in Technical Manual (TM) 3-4240-300-10-2.

NOTE 3: The M8 paper and M291 Skin Decon Kit are no longer required after the applicable nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) tasks are tested.