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Skin and the Integumentary System- Test Yourself

Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology- Test Yourself

Chemical Basis of Life- Test Yourself

Cells- Test Yourself

Cellular Metabolism- Test Yourself

Tissues- Test Yourself

Skeletal System- Test Yourself

Muscular System- Test Yourself

Nervous System- Test Yourself

Somatic and Special Senses- Test Yourself

Endocrine System- Test Yourself

Blood- Test Yourself

Cardiovascular System- Test Yourself

Lymphatic System and Immunity- Test Yourself

Digestion and Nutrition- Test Yourself

Respiratory System- Test Yourself

Urinary System- Test Yourself

Water, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance- Test Yourself

Reproductive Systems- Test Yourself

Pregnancy, Growth and Development- Test Yourself

Human Physiology 801 Practice Exams

Airway Quiz

Electrical Therapy Quiz

MI/Stroke Quiz

Pharmacologic Therapy Quiz

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Cellular Immunology I

Cellular Immunology II

Clinical Immunology I

Clinical Immunology II



Humoral Immunity

Immunology Overview



Flash-Med Medicine

Quiz - Circulatory System

Quiz - Respiratory System

Quiz - Digestive System

Cardiovascular System: Unit Review and Quiz

The Lymphatic System Quiz

Nervous System: Unit Review and Quiz

Lymphatic System Quiz Sets 1-2-3-4

Anatomy and Physiology Quizzes

iVillage Quiz Central

Body Systems Quiz

Digestive System Quiz

Respiratory System Quiz (graphics)

Lymphatic System and Immunity Quiz

Respiratory Quiz

Biology Quiz Activities Games-2-3-4-5

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26 Reproduction and Genetics Quizzes

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67 Human Body Quizzes

51 Miscellaneous Health Quizzes

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Histology and Skeletal Self-Test

Muscular System Self-Test

Endocrine and Nervous System Self-Test

Circulatory and Respiratory System Self-Test

Reproduction and Digestive System Self-Test

Biology Self-Test

Chemistry Self-Test 1

Intermediate Algebra Self-Test

Microbiology Basic Concepts and Terminology Self-Test

Genetics and Bacterial Metabolism Self-Test

Respiratory System Quiz Sets 1

Bacterial Diseases Self-Test

Parasitic Diseases Self-Test

Viruses and Immunology Self-Test

ACLS Self-Testing and Assessment Tool

ACLS Multiple Choice Exam

ACLS Quizzes

Ambulance Revision Aid

Airway Quiz

Brain Teasers

Cardiothoracic Surgery Oral Boards on the Web


Dermatology Quiz

Electrical Therapy Quiz

Endoscopy Learning Center: The Image Show Section and the Quiz Section

HeartScape's Heart Structures


MI/Stroke Quiz

12 Lead ECG Quiz

Online Nursing Related Tests

Online Quizzes: Health and Medicine

Online Test Questions for Professional Certification and Academic Entrance Examinations

Pharmacologic Therapy Quiz

Pretest for BLS

Pretest for ALS

Test Your Rhythm Recognition Skills

Respiratory Care Technician Practice Tests and Exercises


Head Injury

Head Injury 2


Grab Bag 1

The Mother of all Quizzes 288 questions, mixed
Airway part 1

Altered Mental Status

BBP Basics






The Other Burns


Bloody Hell

Oldies but Goodies


Intravenous Therapy for Prehospital Providers Pretest

LUMEN Histology Quizzes

Examinations in Organ System Pathology




Medical Jeopardy from The Brody School of Medical at East Carolina University

Jeopardy 1

Jeopardy 2

Jeopardy 3

Jeopardy 4

Jeopardy 5

Jeopardy 6

Jeopardy 7

Jeopardy 8

Jeopardy 9

Jeopardy 10

Jeopardy 11

Jeopardy 12

Jeopardy 13

Online Quizzes: Health and Medicine

Anatomical Orientation Terms

EKG Quizzer 1: Basic EKG Features

Heart Anatomy - Interior  View

Practice Exams for Structure of the Human Body

Medical Terminology and Other Medically Related Quizzes

Neural Structure Quiz

Neuroanatomy Cyberquiz

Tablet Dosage Quiz

Metric Conversion Quiz

Fluid Dosage Quiz

Intravenous Flow Rates Quiz

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Pharmacology - Boston University's Pharmacology Exam

Pharmacology - Kansas University's Medical Pharmacology

Pharmacology - Active Learning Center

Pharmacology - Utah's Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Physiology Review Study Questions

Physiology - Arizona's Human Physiology Online

American Academy of Family Physician - Clinical Quizzes

American Academy of Family Physicians - Family Practice Management Quizzes

Online Laparoscopy Quiz

The Skull Practical

Normal Radiologic Anatomy Quiz Index

Online Laparoscopy Quiz

Wired Health Interactive

Interactive Checkup

Examinations in Pathology

Quizzes with Anatomical Images

Paramedic Test

Neuroanatomy CyberQuiz

USUHS Medical Biochemistry Exams

Neuroanatomy & Neuropathology Quizzes

World EKG Encyclopedia EKG Quiz

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Brownson Nursing Notes

The Student Nurse Forum Self-Tests

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